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Sunday, 6 November 2011


In my particular case, I wouldn´t say 
this has been fun. 

Mainly due to personal circumstances I 
was going through.Should this have
happened last year while I was travelling and enjoying life, it would have been less hard. Even if nobody would have believed me, my friends were open-minded enough and one way or another, I would have found some support. 

This year, having spent 24-hours alone without socialising or talking to anyone, due to personal circumstances, caused me inner havoc and dullness. 

Things are not either positive or negative, it all depends when they happen and can become horrid or wonderful.  I heard a ton of comments saying: "you lucky one". Seems everyone is searching to activate their DNA. Moreover, I don´t see the benefit of getting so much information downloaded at such high speed. 

What's the point of it? My legal situation does not even allow me to become a public figure. I don´t even have enough time to write down all information or memorize it. I would compare this to stuffing myself every night with 200 hundred chocolate bars. Plus the corresponding pain and saturation of the brain and having all feelings bottled up, as I can´t have an honest talk about this with anyone. 

Keeping all those feelings for oneself is like carrying a backpack full of stones which never gets lighter and leads to frustration. 

I also had contact with several extradimensional entities.  Some in etheric form, others were solid matter.  I didn't feel I was being manipulated by them, though I'm somewhat naïve and I probably didn´t notice their game.  

To be honest, I think they tried some kind of manipulation. Thought they realized by themselves that my legal situation prevented me from becoming a public figure,  they also complained angrily "that I was too outspoken and it didn´t work out with them". I was saved by the bell !!!

When you keep everything to yourself, you get strong frustration feelings which lead to depression, unsociability, lack of self-esteem and unability to communicate and handle daily tasks.   Right now, this experience is not positive for myself. I seldom get out of bed, my energetic centres are highly unbalanced, 7 and 6 are hyperactive, the rest are unbelievable underactive.  

I remembered about my origins, that I was born as a volunteer for the planetary shift, only it happened during a bad period in my life.  And I also made the mistake of being born before my time.  I often think I would be much happier and integrated if I was what society consider "a normal person" Finish college, marry, have kids and spend weekends at shopping malls. Have a womb-to-tomb job,never question anything and never switch jobs  and countries. Very few people consider average that a 45-year old girl wants to lead the kind of life I long for. 

In the worst cases some of my peers turn to drugs and end up becoming marginal. I was never interested in drugs or alcohol,  tastes to me like a cleaning product. 

One of the effects of the pineal gland activation, which in my case happened unvoluntariy, is that when you talk to someone, you will immediately know if he is lying, and moreover, you will know why. It´s like reading a soul as if it was a book. This makes you feel more cautious about people, as you w¡ll sense immediately if the person is being dishonest and is trying to cheat you. 

I can also unvoluntarily hear people's thoughts during solar storms. This naturally pulls you apart from people as you can read falsehood, resulting in more isolation. I can even go farther and do remote viewing, but I refuse. I consider that other's privacy should be respected and I don´t like to snoop around other people's lives, I was never a gossip girl. 

As for the interdimensional action with entities, that's another story. Reality surpasses sci-fi. Rest of the story coming soon.  

Love and courage to everyone!!.

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