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Saturday, 5 November 2011


  • We will avoid their poison, wherever we can.
  • We will understand that we are all one and that no matter what happens, eventually our souls will be free of the negativity of this realm.
  • We will enlist warriors from great and powerful extra-terrestrial humans. They will incarnate here and bring truth and guidance.
  • We will pretend to learn the lies of their schools, and we will relearn the truth when we are finished.
  • We will understand that nothing can be trusted we will reject common conceptions and think for ourselves despite ridicule.
  • We will love each other even though some of us can be very dislikable.
  • We will no longer believe lies about who our enemy is unless we begin to point the finger within our own countries. We will be wary that they will foresee this and try to find another way to trick us.
  • Love will be the basis for which we operate. They will try to trick us into hating, but we must forget the filth they have put in us.
  • Even THEY deserve our love. We must understand that they are the way they are because they took on tests that were far too difficult for them. Now they try to oppose god even though they know they cannot succeed. Perhaps they pray for it to end their existence and hence their suffering.
  • We will learn to tap into the abilities that have been so greatly suppressed by their poisons.
  • They believe us to be inferior yet we are their equal. We will understand that there is no such thing as being inferior. True greatness is determined by how well you treat those who would seem to be lesser than you.
  • We will understand that what we know, is nothing in comparison to what we have yet to learn.

-Written and emailed to me by an anonymous Canadian author- 

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