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Friday, 2 December 2011

Extradimensional Space Trip

I will try to put everything in chronological order in the next weeks.  Everything went so fast and I got so many intense experiences and huge information downloads, that it is hard to recall everything.  

This is one of the most intense experiences I had last summer.

I was about to go to bed and suddenly my body and head started vibrating like a cell phone.  I lay down in bed, awake and I felt an electricity cord going through my crown, then it went into my third eye and throat.

All of sudden my sight went pitch black.  I felt a strong pain in the back of my neck and I saw myself travelling in space really fast.  The feeling was anguish as there was nothing, I was alone in the dark, till I saw lots of small white lights very concentrated.  I felt more secure only to dissolve myself in them seconds latter. Next I saw a bluish grey light flashing, slender being and I felt strong nausea in my throat.

Then the same happened again: high speed, darkness, anguish, white lights and dissolving till I encountered two beings.  They were sitting together and looked like twins.  Skin colour was grey, plump body and they had kind of creases, a bit like a sharpei dog. One of them was wearing a pair of bright red glasses, like 60s style.

The same episode repeated: high speed travelling, pitch black, anguish, white lights and dissolving.  And I saw another being.  It only had head, arms and body.  No legs, feet or face features.  Head was quite round and ears too, teddy-bear like.  Skin was kind of light green and had very faded scales a cross over the centre of the body.  It was maroon, longer on the vertical side.  Then I felt that nausea again.

Very quickly, a stream run from my throat to my base chakra, kind of a mixture of a hair dryer blowing and a magnetic current, then I felt the same stream from armpit to armpit.

Immediately I got up, wrote down everything and did drawings of those beings.

I don´t know what this experience meant but I didn´t like it.  The travelling speed was really fast and I felt sick and also at times I was dissolving and loosing my identity.

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